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Poulami Banerjee

Poulami Banerjee is pursuing BFA at the University of Victoria. Her artistic practice primarily focuses on painting, photography, and installation, but she also works in other media such as sculpture, video, and performance depending on the scope of the project that she is dealing with. She was born and raised in India and the common thread that influences her practice is her political outlook, her self-awareness, and her concern for social justice that are all greatly influenced by her cultural history. The primary inspiration for her work always stems from her personal experiences. 

Poulami has a master's degree in Economics and she wants to implement her knowledge of economics and Statistics into her future projects. She likes to research the issues that concern her and explore them with different visual art mediums. The impetus for her artmaking is public awareness, questioning the norms and the traditions that are deeply rooted in her culture, and critically analyzing her identity. In this process, she always introspects and challenges her own ideological and political beliefs.

She believes art can be a catalyst for change and growth, both personally and as a community. Poulami hopes her practice provokes dialogues among viewers by challenging their opinions, reflecting values, and translating their collective experiences.

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